Asset Class: Hospitality | Location: Maldives | Investment Year: 2015 | Room Keys: 130

Green Design

Located in the stunning UNESCO Biosphere Reserve of Baa Atoll is the 130-villa Reethi Beach Resort. The resort is covered by lush vegetation and surrounded by white sand, crystal-blue water sand a spectacular house reef. At Reethi Beach Resort, acting ethically and responsibly is essential to the success of its business.

Reethi Beach Resort’s detached and semi-detached villas were built in typical Maldivian style using natural materials and labour sourced regionally. During the construction of the island resort, the resort developments were built meaningfully around the island’s native flora and fauna where possible, to minimise its disturbance to nature. As part of sustainable landscaping, natural pest control methods are deployed; chemical pesticides are only used when necessary.

All guest rooms feature a glass skylight to allow natural light to illuminate the interiors. This reduces electricity consumption and the use of artificial light.

Energy and Resource Efficiency

To reduce active energy consumption, hotel key card power switches are deployed in all guest and staff spaces. The resort is also fully retrofitted with energy-efficient LED lights.

Reethi Beach Resort prides itself in managing a strict inventory control to minimise excessive inventory. It also sources products packed in reusable packaging and purchases items in bulk rather than in individual packaging to reduce packaging waste.

Biodiversity and Conservation

Reethi Beach Resort is one of the founding members of the Baa Atoll Project (“BAP”), which collaborates with resorts in Baa Atoll to discuss and address environmental issues collectively. BAP played an instrumental role in championing Baa Atoll to become the Maldives’ first ever biosphere reserve. In 2011, UNESCO took the rein, officially declaring the Baa Atoll as a legally protected marine reserve.

Responsible Procurement

Even prior to being certified as a Green Globe resort, Reethi Beach Resort requires all its business partners to sign its Code of Conduct and join the resort in the advanced, high ethical standards and sustainable behaviour that the resort holds itself to. The Code applies to all Reethi Beach Resort Business Partners, including their employees and subcontractors acting on their behalf. To date, Reethi Beach Resort has achieved 80% compliance of its Code of Conduct with its business partners.

The resort only procures sustainable-sourced mature fish from the local fishermen; juvenile fish are rejected.

Community Involvement

The resort provides employment opportunities for nearby local communities in Baa Atoll, employing over 45 permanent associates from Baa Atoll to date (representing 16% of the staff force). Many of these permanent associates are given opportunities to be trained in specialised hospitality roles, such as housekeeping, front office and F&B. The resort also conducts sustainability-related training programmes to raise awareness and best practices among all its staff.

In 2021, Baa Atoll faced difficulties in sourcing food from Malé, the capital, due to covid-lockdown and restrictions of travel between islands. The hotel lent its support to the community by providing food packages to B. Eydhafushi, the capital of Baa Atoll, for 41 houses and 78 members.

Green design at Reethi Beach Resort’s water villa

Community involvement by resort’s staff